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Car Accident

Look left… right… forward. Slam on brakes, screech and… CRASH!

Smoke from my car and an angry driver awaited. Rightly so; it was my fault.

Car Accident

It happened the other day driving to work. I rushed out of the car to make sure everyone was ok and luckily enough, they were. Next, that’s where the disagreement started between me and Gina (for name’s sake).

I remembered that we needed to exchange information (insurance, registration, & phone numbers), but after that I found myself pretty lost. My car: A crumpled hood, destroyed grill, possible radiator damage. Gina’s? A small scratch. She wanted to call the police. My car worse off, I saw no reason why. I was already looking at an insurance claim; I didn’t want a ticket on top of that.

I would proceed to make a fool of myself. Gina called the police. I shook my head. The police, however, told Gina flat out that she did the right thing. Colorado law requires all accidents to be reported immediately—something I did not know. The police decided they didn’t need to show up. Gina and I simply needed to file a police report online.

The call ended. We found solution and both left the accident. I still found myself beyond agitated with blood boiling from the situation. I needed a day or two to reflect.

It was stressful—a situation I had never come upon with very real financial consequences. A ticket would have upped my insurance rates for years and it all seemed so unnecessary. Sadly, I came to realize that I was wrong and shouldn’t have argued when I just hit someone’s car. Gina was protecting her own financial interest

So, how to avoid the situation? Easy, pay attention and don’t hit someone. Guessing you already knew that and easy for me to say. Still, long-term lesson learned: Keep updated versions of your insurance and registration and call the police.

If I missed anything or you have had a similar experience please share and let me know.

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