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Living in the tech age we naturally store personal information on our computers and phones. It doesn’t matter how we feel about technology. 2017 has already seen 7.1 million records exposed online. That’s why proper disposal has become so important. Not clearing a hard drive or properly recycling old phones can lead to stolen information.

Electronic Recycling

Moreover, 2016 saw 13.1 million people fall victim to identity theft. Theft won’t happen to everyone, but the FTC estimates that, if it does, it could cost you six months of hassle and two hundred hours of work. Of course, I have to shamelessly plug that Arapahoe CU members have access to AcUIdentitySafe which takes care of almost everything, but that won’t kill the stress. Prevention, as usual, is the ideal route. You can dispose of electronics and remove data in various ways. You really have the option of doing it yourself or allowing recycling/ destruction companies do it for you—a quick search can track down your local companies.

You might be thinking disposing/removing electronics could be really fun! Smash them and blow off some steam… Sorry, hard drives don’t work like that. Unfortunately you can’t smash away the information. You have to go another route. While you can definitely have a company certifiably destroy your info, but this guide can help you take care of it yourself.

Once your electronics are no longer used, find an electronic recycling site. These companies will recycle the materials from the electronics back into other items. You’re putting your old electronics to good use, reducing worldwide electronic costs and, of course, not relegating toxic materials to the environment.

Recycling electronics is responsible and materials get placed in everyday items we use. ACU’s upcoming Shred-A-Thon gives you a day to take care of everything, printed documents and your electronic recycling, but there is an entire year between events. Be responsible with your life and world!

Anyhow, we want to hear from you on anything we missed and places or practices on recycling electronics properly.

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