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April 1st, 2021
Re: All Arapahoe Credit Union Members

At Arapahoe Credit Union, we continually strive to provide members with the best deposit account products and services available. With that in mind, we are making important changes to your Membership and Account Agreement and Disclosures (“Account Agreement”). These changes will help us improve our account products and services, in the most cost-effective manner.

This page and similar print outs notify you of the following important changes in terms to your Account Agreement:

  • (Section 50 “Arbitration and Waiver of Class Action”) Addition of an arbitration clause and class action waiver which we encourage you to read carefully. You may opt-out of the arbitration clause and class action waiver within 30 days by sending us a written notice.
    • To opt out, you must notify the credit union in writing of your intent to do so within thirty (30) days of your initial Account opening or the receipt of this Notice, whichever is later. Your opt-out will not be effective and you will be deemed to have consented and agreed to the Arbitration Agreement unless your notice of intent to opt out is received by the credit union in writing at: Arapahoe Credit Union, 3999 E. Arapahoe Rd., Centennial, CO 80112, within such thirty (30) day time period. Your notice of intent to opt out can be a letter that is signed by you and containing the last three digits of your member number (so that we may properly identify you) that states “I elect to opt out of the Arbitration Agreement” or any words to that effect. FOR MORE DETAILS or if you have questions, you may call us or visit a branch.
  • (Section 1 “Membership Eligibility”) We incorporated language where you authorize us to obtain credit reports under certain circumstances. Addition of language certifying that member meets field of membership requirements.
  • (Section 3 “Multiple Party Accounts”) Joint account owners may be liable to us for any fees owed.
  • (Section 5 “Trust Accounts”) Addition of rules governing trust accounts.
  • (Section 6 “Estate/Conservatorship Accounts”) Addition of rules governing estate and conservatorship accounts.
  • (Section 9 “Agency Designation on an Account”) Addition of language regarding cancellation of agency designation and automatic revocation of agency designation upon death.
  • (Section 10 “Deposit of Funds Requirements”) Addition of language regarding members’ responsibility for irregular endorsement, addition of language regarding substitute checks, and addition of language authorizing a return item charge when ACH transfers returned to us as unpaid.
  • (Section 11 “Account Access”) Addition of language regarding inconsistent, incomplete or ambiguous instructions and addition of language governing our Bill Payer service. Addition of language regarding access devices and authorizing use of your biometrics and/or fingerprints when implementing new technology. Addition of language authorizing us to obtain a court order determining any question of law or fact concerning a Power of Attorney, member agrees to reimburse us for doing so and indemnify us for any loss or expense we incur from our acceptance and reliance on a Power of Attorney you present. Addition of language regarding non-consumer accounts. Addition of language governing electronic records and receipts.
  • (Section 13 “International Wire Transfers”) Addition of rules governing international wire transfers.
  • (Section 14 “Electronic Check Transactions”) Addition of rules governing electronic checks, electronic check authorization, electronic checks that are re-presented to us and reversal of electronic re-presented checks.
  • (Section 16 “Transaction Limitations”) Addition of language detailing payment order of transactions.
  • (Section 18 “Overdrafts”) Addition of language describing our right to pursue collection of previously dishonored items. Addition of language detailing your available balance. Addition of rules regarding multiple presentments, overdraft protection and third-party transactions.
  • (Section 20 “Stop Payment Orders”) Addition of rules governing stop payment order requests.
  • (Section 21 “Credit Union Liability”) Addition of language authorizing us to seek a legal opinion or judicial declaration when questions of fact and/or law which cannot be reasonably interpreted by us arise. Addition of language authorizing attorneys’ fees to be paid by members in such circumstances.
  • (Section 24 “Credit Union Lien and Security Interest”) We may use funds on deposit in any of the accounts which you have an ownership interest in to pay any debt which you or any joint account holder owe to us.
  • (Section 25 “Credit Union Right to Offset”) We may exercise our right to offset our secure interest against any and all of your accounts without advance notice, for any liability or debt owed by you. Addition of additional language regarding credit union’s right to offset.
  • (Section 26 “Legal Process”) Addition of language regarding credit union’s cross-collateral right to collateral pledged by you as security.
  • (Section 28 “Notices”) Addition of language regarding verification of address changes and your right to receive electronic notices.
  • (Section 30 “Statements”) If a statement is returned to us by the USPS, we reserve the right to hold further statements until you provide us with a good address.
  • (Section 31 “Inactive Accounts”) If your account is classified as inactive or abandoned, we may close your account and return the funds on deposit to your address of record. The posting of dividends is not considered member-generated activity.
  • (Section 34 “Termination or Restriction of Membership, Accounts and Services”) Addition of language governing your and our ability terminate your accounts.
  • (Section 40 “Enforcement”) Addition of language authorizing us to deduct losses, costs or expenses from your account without notice to you. Addition of language entitling us to reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs for judicial actions. You agree to pay collection amounts owed to us on enforcement actions.
  • (Section 45 “Phone Solicitation”) When you give a telephone number directly to us or our agents, or place a telephone call to us or our agents, you authorize us or our agents to call you at that number.
  • (Section 49 “Privacy and Confidentiality”) We expressly prohibit photography, filming or recording on any credit union premises.
  • (Section 51 “Natural Disasters, Pandemics or Significant Health Concerns and Other Acts of God”) Addition of a force majeure clause. Addition of language regarding official health guidance issued by governmental entities and/or health organizations.

You can obtain a further description of the Account Agreement revisions or a complete copy of the new Agreement from us at any time on our website at, or by contacting us and requesting the new Agreement be sent via US Mail or email. Should you have any questions about a manner addressed in the new Agreement, please contact us during business hours at 866-740-7063.

Updated 04/01/2021

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