Some Considerations

Please consider some of these settings for your day-to-day banking. Of note, you might be able to make similar changes if you have accounts elsewhere.

Are these in order and up-to-date on your account?

  • Joint Owners and Authorized Users
  • Your Physical Address
  • Beneficiaries
  • Passwords and Preferences

Membership Password
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  • ACU wants ensure security and protect members accounts. Moving forward we're encouraging members to add a password to your account. A password added to your account will work for over the phone transactions and add an extra layer of security.
  • How to Setup an Account Password
    Call the credit union and a representative can help you set it up. We will do a security verification and then add your chosen password to your account.

Service Center Access Restrictions
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  • The Service Center Network is a collection of credit unions across the nation that will happily serve you as needed. You can access your account in most states. It's a wonderful benefit of banking at Arapahoe CU, however, if you don't use this feature, your account can be made more secure by restricting access. Simply fill out this form and we will get the updates started. This is also easily put back if you change your mind.

Review and Update Your Account
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  • Make sure you have the correct beneficiaries, joint members and all account settings are updated. This ensures you can make changes easily and your account it set up to your preferences.
  • You can access account change forms here or give us a call and we can help assist you.

Online Banking Password
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  • It is important to change your online banking password on an annual basis.
  • Passwords get stolen around the year and people tend to use the same password on multiple sites. If one gets compromised, so do others. That's why updating your password and having a different/unique password to other sites is important. Follow the instructions below to change and create a strong online banking password. If you run into any problems please contact us.
  • Creating A Strong Password

    • Don't use numbers of importance (Social Security, Birthday, etc.).
    • Don't use easy phrases or numbers (ex. 1234, admin).
    • Don't use same or old password from other accounts.
    • Follow requirements creating complex password using uppercase/lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.

    Updating Password

    • Access the online banking login (App or Website) - By selecting "Personal Banking Login".
    • Click/Tap "Forgot Username or Password".
    • From the drop down menu select "Forgot or Reset Password". Then, Click/Tap "Submit".
    • Next, enter all account information. (Don’t know your account number, contact ACU and we can help). Note: Please be sure to use the birthday and last 4 of the social for the primary member.
    • Enter your desired phone number and phone number type (Text Message or Voice Message) from dropdown menus to receive authentication code.
    • Enter the authentication code and click/tap "Verify".
    • Lastly, enter and confirm new password in lines below. (Review the password requirements). Then, click/tap "Submit".

    Update Your Address
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    • One of the most common approaches to bank fraud is to update an address and then begin receiving documents intended for someone else. This usually starts either a person who already knows their target (family member or "friend") or with a criminal dumpster diving for initial information. It's rare and ACU has processes in place to ensure this doesn't happen, but it is absolutely worth taking a moment to ensure we have the correct information for you. This will also help us avoid compliance issues and fees!
    • To begin, you can access address change form here or give us a call and we can help assist you.

    Id Safe
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    Comprehensive ID recovery tool. Rather be safe than sorry.

    Account Security Updates

    Card Nav
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    An Enormously Helpful Tool: Set card notifications, turn your card on/off, change where it can be used.

    Secure Communication
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    Communicate and send personal account information securely.

    Fraud Alerts and Support
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    View current fraud alerts, tips, tricks and also check your credit report!

    Live Your Lifestyle

    We all want to live our own way.  It's important that we do it the right way.  Arapahoe CU looks to help.