While we may not always have the lowest rate, we will always be exceptionally close. More importantly, we are far more flexible than other places with terms, payments and few restrictions.  


What you pay may vary based on credit, but we will always make sure you get the best loan we can offer. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice. Approval is required. On a refinance, we can always work to get you the best possible deal, but for full benefits the minimum loan amount has to be $5,000. NADA values are used to determine the maximum lending amount. All rates shown are in APR (Annual Percentage Rate). Payment example: $20,000 at 2.74%APR for 60 months means you will pay just about $357.07. Please note that terms over 60 months are subject to a small rate increase (up to 1%). You do have to be a member.


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We all want to live our own way.  It's important that we do it the right way.   Arapahoe CU looks to help.