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Banking Simplicity

ACU in-branch services typically help with the less common situations you have in the financial world. Gifts and documents are aided here!  

Teller Checks


Cashier’s (Teller) checks are certified funds, which means that the check is guaranteed. These are useful with large purchases, home closings and when you don’t want to carry around large amounts of cash. We provide the first cashier’s check per day to our members free of charge. Non-members are subject to our service center fee schedule accessible here.

Cash Advances

Both of our branches are equipped to provide cash advances from Visa®, MasterCard® and Discover®. Bring your non-ACU card to quickly pull funds from other accounts. There is a $10 fee per cash advance. Please note that cards issued by ACU do not have any cash advance fees here.

Live Your Lifestyle

We all want to live our own way.  It's important that we do it the right way.  Arapahoe CU looks to help.