CardControl: Free Companion App to Ensure Your Card's Safety.

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What is CardControl?
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CardControl empowers our members to actively manage their debit and/or credit card(s) giving them peace of mind. There are so many convenient features to CardControl. Not only does CardControl help mitigate risk, it provides numerous features for daily monitoring and preferences.

Turn Your Card On/ Off
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Have you ever had that panicky feeling when you misplace a card? CardControl lets you turn the card off while you look for it so that no one else can use it. If they try to, the transaction will be denied. Once you find the card and are ready to use it, turn it back on.

Be Notified for Purchases
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How cool would it be to get a notification as soon as your card is used for a large online purchase? CardControl delivers alerts directly to your iOS or Android mobile device and lets you select the criteria used to generate the alerts. Be notified of every transaction or set your notification preferences right from the Mobile App.

Only Allow Transactions Near You
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Now here's an awesome feature. Let's say you're traveling and you want to make sure your card can be used in stores only when you are physically present. Turning on the "My Location" control in CardControl and having your mobile phone in your possession will ensure that your in-store transactions are approved. Anyone else trying to use your card, in a different location, will have their in-store purchases denied.

Share Your Card, But Set Limits
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While we don't recommend this, members who do choose to loan their child a card can set limits on where it can be used and the amount that can be spent. CardControl lets you share a card while limiting its usage to a specific location or geographic region. You can also limit the maximum amount that can be spent per transaction.

Joint Accounts Can Manage Money More Effectively
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Members can load all debit and credit cards onto this app so joint members and primary members can see each other’s activity- it’s a great way to help track what each card is spending.

Decide Which Types of Transactions Can Be Approved
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This tool would be great for members who do not use their card for particular transactions. For example, for those who rarely purchase anything online, they can “turn off” online purchases so they will be declined. In the event the member wants to make a purchase, they simply go back into the app and turn it on for their transaction. There is a variety of types of transactions that can be blocked/authorized.

Cascading Cash disclaimer: Limit one payout per debit or credit card registered. Offer expires December 31st, 2021. All cards are subject to approval. Offer subject to change or cancellation at any time and without notice. Payouts will occur as such: The first person to download the ACU CardControl app beginning December 1st, 2021 will receive a $100 cash deposit. The next two members will receive a $50 deposit. The following four members will receive $25 each. Every member thereafter, regardless of platform (Apple or Android), will receive a $10 deposit. Only new downloads are eligible.

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