Send a qualified referral our way and we'll get you on track to earn up to $790!

Rewards include Uber rides and brewery gift cards. Increase your rewards, choose your tours, and have a night out at the breweries!

In short: We will pay you for each qualified new member you send our way. You'll get $65 for your first referral, another $75 for your second, and $100 for your third. You then choose the gift cards or a cash payout. After that, you'll receive $50 gifts for referrals four through nine. A qualified referral is achieved when the new member opens a checking account and uses their debit card (minimum ten transactions) or opening a loan product. That's it!

On your tenth, qualified referral, we offer you the big prize of $250 of cash or Uber credit and gift cards.

Your friends get paid too!

If your friend/ family member comes to us and opens a basic checking account and active debit card (as outlined above and in the disclaimers), we will deposit $65 into their account. If they open a simple loan product? That reward goes up to $150.

We can help almost anyone, especially those still locked into one of the big banks. So confident in this, we will pay a person $25 for simply giving us the chance by completing a full application (it's a quick visit to one of our branches).


New members: Active accounts are defined as having a checking account and using your debit card ten times. Arapahoe CU will automatically review the account at 60 days to see if ten transactions have been made. If a member reaches this threshold after 60 days, it is the member's responsibility to contact ACU for payout.  Alternatively, a loan of any kind will qualify immediately upon disbursement. Please note: Interest will begin to accrue at loan disbursement.

Current members: Qualification for payout is determined by the payout of the referred member. That is, you will receive your referral reward at the time we pay out a qualified referral. This will generally coincide with one of these events: 1) The disbursement of loan funds to the referred member; 2) Ten total debit card transactions made on the referred members debit card in the first 60 days; 3) When a member reports that they have used their debit card a total of ten times since opening. At our sole discretion, we may choose to pay out good faith efforts to refer new members who do not qualify. Arapahoe CU may further, at its sole discretion, make immediate payouts for any account. The determination of these payouts will be based on member history, past relationship, and referral history with the credit union.

General disclaimers: Let us know if you have any questions. Restrictions may apply throughout the account and payout process. Approval is required on all new accounts/ products. Arapahoe CU is only obligated to pay on fully qualified referrals. We may, at our sole discretion pay out on good faith attempts to refer new members. Furthermore, again at ACU's sole discretion, a new member that isn’t able to receive additional services (application required), will still pay $25 (gift card) upon visit. Non-qualified, online and phone applicants are not eligible for payment. This payout is limited to one per membership/ person. This promotion is not available when using other promotions. ACU is Federally Insured by the NCUA. Let us know if you have any questions. Restrictions may apply. Members are responsible for all IRS reporting. Values shown are max values. The credit union reserves the right to provide cash equivalents if necessary. Cash equivalents for those not over 21. Offer subject to change or cancelation at any time and without notice.

Live Your Lifestyle

We all want to live our own way.  It's important that we do it the right way.  Arapahoe CU looks to help.