ACU Identity Safe

Most instances of fraud are not instances of ID compromise. It takes a slew of lost information to actually lose your identity to criminals. That said, we have you covered if things do get that far.  

Comprehensive Recovery Program

We are using the power of our community to help protect against identity theft from disrupting your life. ACU Identity Safe is now available as your identity theft safe room— a place you can turn to if anything compromises your financial profile or accounts. This benefit applies to your entire profile. All bank accounts, government documents, credit profiles, utilities— everything is covered. ACU Identity Safe is now integrated with your account. We have negotiated the cost of these services down to nearly a tenth of normal retail allowing each account holder to receive this benefit for $1.96 per month.

From now on, if you even suspect identity theft, we want you to give us a call— even if it does not have to do specifically with Arapahoe Credit Union. We will provide you professional identity theft recovery benefits to cover both financial and non-financial fraud. You will get assigned a personal advocate, at no additional cost, who will take care of everything legally possible to recover your identity. All you have to do is contact us to get started.

If you run into issues, our chief benefits include:

  • Coverage for your entire financial profile including all other banks, institutions, utility companies and medical profile.
  • 100% complete recovery with a 12 month follow up.
  • Credit bureau alerts and immediate credit monitoring.
  • A team with certified private investigators and crisis counselors working with law enforcement to clear your profile and stop the perpetrating criminals.
  • Your family line is covered as well (Same household). Parents, spouse and children (under 25) receive all this coverage regardless of account status.
  • Please feel free to explore the complete benefits and features.

Please note: ACU Identity Safe is an incredible benefit made inexpensive through a group rate. However, with family accounts, it is possible to have extended or redundant coverage. Please let us know if you run into this situation so that we can get your account set up to your greatest benefit.

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