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With home equity, the amount you can actually take out can vary depending on a number of things. A lower credit score may mean you can only take out 70% of the value of the home (including your first mortgage), while a higher score allows 90% or even 100%. A stand-alone home will usually allow a higher percentage than a condo or town home. This calculator will estimate how large of a credit line you may be able to qualify for, for up to four Loan-to-Value ratios (percent of value of w are able to lend out). Of course, let us know if you have questions, we can easily go over your specific situation! Please note: this is for estimation purposes only with no guarantees.

Appraised value of property ($):
Total of mortgages owed against property ($):
Loan-to-value ratio 1 (%):
Loan-to-value ratio 2 (%):
Loan-to-value ratio 3 (%):
Loan-to-value ratio 4 (%):
Percent of Appraised Value:
Max amount of loans possible:
Less existing loans:
Your credit limit:

Please note: All of our calculators are used for estimation purposes only and should not be considered final or guaranteed. Let us know if you want to go over your individual situation.

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