Loan Pay: Free, Online Loan Payments.

What is Loan Pay?
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The new, free service that allows you to make your ACU loan payments, available through the mobile app and the website.

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You can register by accessing the loan pay button on the ACU's home page. You simply only need to know a few items about your account (member number, date of birth, and zip code) to get started.

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Once you're registered you can set up recurring payments, store debit/credit card information and simplify your payment process. Loan pay allows you pay with a debit/credit card, pay by using your ACU checking or savings or an account from another insitution.

Payment Reminders
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If you store a payment method (we recommend this) you can set text reminders. Reminders when payments are close to being due, on the due date, or shortly after the due date. Whatever work best to help you!

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